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Fic: Just Enjoy It
moon & stars
lallyloo wrote in pinto_zeitgeist
Title: Just Enjoy It
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Word Count: 2300+
Sequel to: Everyone Does It and Waiting
Summary: Zach pays Chris an early morning visit.
Disclaimer: They're not mine.
Author's Note: No beta, so apologies for any errors.

Part 1: Everyone Does It
Part 2: Waiting

The morning sun peaked through the window and slowly inched its way across Zach's living room floor. Had it been a normal day he would've missed this event as his bedroom was at the back of his house, and he liked to spend his days off sleeping late.

As it was, however, he was sitting on his couch. He'd been awake since 6:03am – he knew this because he woke up with a start and stared at the clock until the numbers blurred and his eyes were sore. Finally giving up on the idea of sleep, he'd moved into the living room and plunked himself on the couch.

When he'd left Chris's place the night before he was still a little drunk. He remembered his ridiculous laughter as Chris had helped him climb into a cab. He remembered the events leading up to his departure, as well, but the edges were a little fuzzy. Had Chris really suggested they were in a relationship? Surely that had been a joke.

There weren't many things that could rattle Zachary Quinto, but lately it was becoming more and more obvious that Chris Pine was a huge exception. Running his hand through his hair, Zach glanced at the gap in the curtains and wondered if it was still too early to pay Chris a visit. He felt the need for clarification. Had Chris been joking? Was this really a relationship? Maybe he should call first.

“Fuck it,” he muttered. “Stop over-analyzing, Quinto. Just enjoy it.”

With that, he headed for the shower.

It was nearly 10am when Zach found himself knocking at Chris's door. He'd taken a long shower, thrown on some clean clothes, blasted music as he drove over, and strutted up Chris's walkway with a purpose. Fucking right, he was going to take control of the situation.

After the first knock received no response, Zach hesitated as he raised his knuckles to knock again. He quickly withdrew his hand, and ran his fingers through his hair. Closing his eyes and crossing his arms over his chest, he stared up at the sky. Letting out a long frustrated sign, he finally reached out and knocked again. This time he heard a shout from inside, and felt his stomach somersault as he waited for Chris to open the door. There were a few thuds and then the sound of bare feet approaching. Zach heard the click of the dead bolt, the door opened a few inches, and finally Chris peered out at him.

“Zach?!” Chris exclaimed, quickly closing the door and pulling the chain to unlock the door completely. The door flew open, and Zach stood there dumbly as he took in the sight of Chris Pine soaking wet, clad only in a pair of jeans. Zach swallowed hard as he noticed the top button of the jeans were undone, he would almost swear that treasure trail was taunting him.

“I didn't expect to see you this early,” Chris laughed. “I figured you'd be dead to the world at least until this afternoon! You were still pretty drunk when you left here last--”

Chris didn't get a chance to finish his sentence, as Zach finally regained his composure and shoved Chris inside the apartment, slamming the door behind them. Chris's eyes widened as he looked at Zach.

“So this is 'next time' I assume?” Chris said, with an awkward laugh.

“If that's okay with you..” Zach's voice was deeper and huskier than he had intended, but it seemed to have the desired effect. Chris nodded slowly and moved closer to him. The younger man seemed to pause, however, almost as if he was waiting for instruction from Zachary. Strange, as Chris always seemed to be the one in control during their earlier encounters. Clasping the back of Chris's head, Zach brought their mouths together, running his lips slowly over Chris's.

“Your hair is wet,” Zach murmured into Chris's mouth.

Smiling against Zach's lips, Chris replied, “Just got out of the shower.. Went for a jog this morning.”

“You're soaked,” Zach groaned, running his fingertips down Chris's back. “It's fucking hot.”

Chris's arms remained at his sides, as Zachary began to explore the younger man's torso. Running his hands down Chris's lower back, Zachary clasped Chris's ass and pulled him closer. He brought his right hand up, and ran it slowly across Chris's cheek, and down to his chin. Tilting Chris's head slightly, Zach licked at the droplets of water that continued to trickle down Chris's neck.

Chris inhaled sharply as Zach's tongue made its way across his collarbone and down to a hard nipple. Flicking his tongue across Chris's nipple and over to the opposite one, Zach smiled to himself as he watched the younger man begin to unravel. Chris's arms remained at his sides, and his head lolled back slightly – Zach was almost convinced that if he relaxed his left arm Chris would fall to a heap on the floor.

“Couch, now,” Zach demanded, temporarily snapping Chris out of his daze.

Remaining connected, they somehow made their way over, and Chris fell backwards onto the couch as Zachary pressed his weight into the younger man. In one swift move, Zach pulled of his t-shirt and tossed it to the floor. This time it was Chris that was grasping helplessly, his fingers pawing at Zach's skin, his lips muttering incomprehensibly.

“You wanted this, didn't you?” Zach growled, reaching his hand down to clasp the bulge in Chris's pants. “Since last night?”

Chris eyes were glazed over and they seemed to darken. “A long time..” was all he managed to muster.

Zach willed his brain to refrain from over-analyzing that small statement. Locking his eyes on Chris's, he began to slowly unzip the younger man's jeans. Chris writhed beneath Zach, appearing to be in pure agony, as he waited for his erection to be released from the confines of his pants. Finally, Zach stood up and quickly pulled Chris's jeans down and off his body. Chris sighed as his cock met the cool air of the room.

Zach allowed himself to step back for a moment, admiring the sight of Chris Pine completely naked. Chris reached his arm out, trying to tempt Zachary back towards the couch.

“One sec,” Zach said quietly. “I want to see you.”

Sure, they'd fooled around before. Mutual masturbation, even a blow job. But both times Chris had been partially clothed. After all his fantasies of Chris, after all those evenings with just his hand and his imagination, here it was – Chris Pine naked, and waiting for him.

“Fuuuucck,” Zach groaned, absentmindedly reaching down to grasp his own erection.

“Hey, you had your turn last night, man.” Chris laughed, snapping Zach back to reality. “I'm the one with the neglected hard-on! It's my turn right now.”

Zach grinned wickedly and moved back towards the couch, lowering himself over Chris's straining erection. He briefly nuzzled his face against it, inhaling deeply as he took in Chris's scent. Finally, he took the shaft in his right hand and lowered his mouth over the tip of Chris's cock. Rolling his tongue over the end, Zach smirked as Chris's hips bucked against his will. Moving his hand up and over the top a few times, he used the precum to lubricate Chris's rock hard shaft.

Bringing his left hand up to gently tug at Chris's balls, Zach continued stroking with his right hand, and sucking and licking with his mouth. As the motion gained more momentum Chris began lifting his hips off the couch, forcing his cock further into Zachary's mouth.

Chris was still muttering incoherently, “Zach.. So good.. Fuck.. Zach.. Ugh.. god.”

Zach pulled his mouth away from Chris's cock for a moment, which caused Chris to whip his head up, confused and wild-eyed.

“Don't come yet,” Zach panted. “I want to fuck you.”

Chris tensed, and seemed to panic for a brief moment. “Can't you just.. finish me.. this way?”

Zach ran his tongue up Chris's shaft, before continuing, “We said blow jobs and fucking, right? I just figured this time we could combine the two.”

Chris glanced away from him, and down at his aching erection.

Realizing he might have fucked things up, Zach began backpedaling, “Never mind, sorry, it's cool. I'll keep going.”

He wrapped his mouth back around Chris's cock, and attempted to regain his momentum.

“Zach, stop,” Chris said suddenly.

Pulling back again, Zach was ready to bolt for the door. Clearly he'd managed to fuck things up. What the hell, why couldn't he just have one fucking angst-free sexual encounter with Chris-fucking-Pine? Was that too much to ask?

He glanced up at Chris, cringing as he waited for whatever bad news he assumed as coming.

“Zach, look, it's just.. I've never.. been.. fucked before,” Chris panted, still obviously into what was happening. “I can fuck you.. If you want?”

Zach's cock twinged at the suggestion, yet he did take a second to pause and consider. He'd always been a top, he liked topping –loved it actually– and naturally his Chris fantasies had always involved him being the top. Still, bottoming for Chris Pine? Probably nearly as good as fucking Chris Pine. Zach was willing to test that theory, anyway.

“Yeah..” Zach groaned, as he reached down to unbutton his pants.

“I still don't.. Can you..?” Chris was clearly asking for guidance, but unsure how to go about it.

“I'll take control,” Zach said breathlessly in Chris's ear, causing Chris's cock to jump.

Quickly yanking off his pants, Zach moved up on the couch so he was face to face with Chris. Licking at Chris's pink lips, Zach moaned as Chris reached down and grasped his erection.

“Wait,” Zach snapped. “Don't do it yet.”

Chris yanked his hand back, and he stared at Zach in anticipation. Standing up again suddenly, Zach reached for Chris's arm and pulled him into a seated position. Climbing back on the couch, Zach placed his left knee on one side of Chris, while straddling him with his right leg.

The older man brought two fingers up to Chris's mouth, and instructed, “suck them.”

Chris looked mildly puzzled, but did as he was told. After Zach's fingers were well-lubed, he pulled them out of Chris's mouth and moved them down to his ass. He locked eyes with Chris as he slowly inserted one, soon pulling that one out, and then easing both fingers into himself.

Chris stared at Zachary, his eyes wild and dark, “jesus, Zach..”

Removing his fingers, Zach reached down and grasped Chris's strained erection, which was glistening with saliva and precum. Zach ran his hand along the shaft, to make sure it was well-lubed, and then clasped one strong hand on Chris's shoulder as he began easing himself down on the younger man's cock. Chris's eyes widened and he gasped as he felt the heat and pressure of Zachary's hole.

Placing both hands on Chris's shoulders, Zach lowered onto Chris's cock, taking it completely inside. He slowly raised himself off once, and then lowered slowly again, feeling his muscles relax. Finally, he began to fuck himself with Chris Pine's cock, gradually increasing his pace.

“Chris,” He panted in the younger man's ear. “Touch me.”

While completely lost in his arousal, Chris somehow managed to respond to this cue, reaching down to grasp Zachary's aching erection. Chris pumped the slick shaft, as he bucked his hips and rammed his cock up into Zach's ass.

Eyes closed, head thrown back, Zach continued to grind himself down on Chris.

“Zach,” Chris moaned. “Zach, I'm going to come. I'm going to fucking come.”

“Yeah,” Zach growled. “Do it, Chris. Come for me.”

Chris let out a guttural moan as he thrust up into Zachary one final time, and came inside the older man.

“Holy shit.. I love you..” Chris muttered as he rode out the shock waves of his orgasm.

His body still shaking, Chris quickened his pace as he continued to pump Zachary's cock. Bringing his mouth to meet Chris's, Zach smashed their lips together, tongues darting out to lick and curl around each other. Zach rocked his hips towards Chris, increasing the thrust.

“Fuck yes,” he sighed as he came, his cum hitting Chris in the chest and spilling out over the younger man's hand.

Easing himself off Chris's fading erection, Zach allowed his body to slump against Chris's.

“Damn..” He said, breathing hot air against Chris's neck.

“Damn is right,” Chris muttered. “Look at the mess we made of my fucking couch!”

Zach looked down at several wet patches leaking into the cushions. He reached down to retrieve his t-shirt from the floor, aiming to use it as a towel. He swiped the fabric across the couch, and then dragged it up Chris's chest, attempting to mop up the mix of sweat and cum which was slowly drying on Chris's skin.

Chris let out a laugh, as he pushed the damp shirt away. “Zach, it's fine. It was a joke.”

Zach smiled at him, tossing the t-shirt back on the floor. They stared at each other for a few minutes, Zach's eyes running over Chris's face, the younger man's piercing blue eyes doing the same to Zachary.

“So,” Zach finally said, with a smirk. “Apparently you love me.”

Chris rolled his eyes and threw his head back with a laugh.

“I can't be held responsible for things I say when my dick is inside Zachary-fucking-Quinto,” he replied.

Zach laughed, raising himself to his feet. He grabbed Chris's hand and tugged him up off the couch, pulling him towards the hallway.

“We need a shower,” he said with a grin, glancing down at the smeared cum stains on Chris's chest.

Allowing himself to be dragged to the bathroom, Chris smirked, “fuck, maybe I do love you.”


Part 4: I Want It

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Oh that was hot and I liked Zach's doubts and little insecurities awwww ^_^

Guuuuuh *drools* o_O
I think I need a shower now too...

ohdeargod i need to go change my dripping wet panties.

ewwwwwwwwwwwwww panties. awful word.

well done lassy!

i'd tell zachary fucking quinto i love him too if he was sitting on my cock..........if i had a cock.

if i did, it would be HUGE and zachary would LOVE to ride it hard. how do you feel about that?

I feel fine about that :)


I am such a giant pile of FLAIL and SQUEE right now. Holy shit, YOU MUST WRITE MOAR!!!!

Thanks! I plan to :)

Ack RPS! I swore I'd never ready any... but then I did and gosh, that was *hot*. Thanks for sharing such naughty, naughty stuff. :)

Haha, the RPS will suck you in!

Glad you liked it! :D

I was obviously so bowled over by the fact I was enjoying RPS, I forgot how to spell (cf "I swore I'd never ready any"). I also forgot to say I'm hoping there's a part 4 coming... :)

I love this trio of fics, so hot but so very them at the same time, the banter and insecurities portrayed well. Thanks for sharing :D


Glad you liked it! Thanks for commenting :)

Zach is so much like me in this fic that I'm LMAO. OMG. Patience and self-assured ability to not think about things! WE DOESN'T HAS IT.

“You're soaked,” Zach groaned, running his fingertips down Chris's back. “It's fucking hot.”


And then...


Chris looked mildly puzzled, but did as he was told. After Zach's fingers were well-lubed, he pulled them out of Chris's mouth and moved them down to his ass. He locked eyes with Chris as he slowly inserted one, soon pulling that one out, and then easing both fingers into himself.

Chris stared at Zachary, his eyes wild and dark, “jesus, Zach..”


Jesus, Zach. *falls over*

Hahaha, seriously, your response is amazing :) Thanks!

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