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Fic: I Want It
moon & stars
lallyloo wrote in pinto_zeitgeist
Title: I Want It
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Chris/Zach
Word Count: 2000+
Summary: Things are great, but there's still something Zach needs..
Disclaimer: They're not mine..
Author's Note: This is a sequel to: Everyone Does It and Waiting and Just Enjoy It.
This is the last chapter in this series!

Chris had said he loved Zach. They'd laughed about it at the time, but neither one had mentioned it since. They loved each other as friends, of course. But being in love with each other? It wasn't a topic they were ready to seriously discuss. As it stood, things were exciting and new, and they were both having a damn good time. They'd spend their days shooting, and the majority of their evenings together. They stuck to their usual habits – going for coffee, talking about books, playing video games, hitting the occasional pub with the rest of the cast. The only difference was that now their time together usually ended with their cocks in each other's mouths, or Chris fucking Zach on a couch, or against a wall.

After weeks of fantasizing about Chris, Zachary now had the younger man all to himself. He'd always assumed Chris was straight but clearly that wasn't the case. According to Chris they were in a relationship, and Zach was happy to take that however it came.

Well, almost happy.

There was one small detail Zach seemed unable to shake. Prior to this 'Chris Pine relationship' Zach had always been a top. He loved fucking guys, having them writhing beneath him. Zach's fantasies about Chris had usually ended with his cock inside Chris, and Chris moaning and panting as he thrust harder and deeper. When Zachary had mentioned fucking Chris, the younger man visibly tensed, before suggesting that he could fuck Zach instead. Being more experienced, Zach had quickly agreed to bottom for Chris. It sure as hell wasn't any sort of chore.

Still, as the weeks went by, Zachary Quinto found himself becoming more and more anxious to fuck the hell out of Chris Pine.

Zach finished drying his hair, and wrapped a towel around his waist before leaving the bathroom. He smiled as he entered his bedroom and found Chris Pine undressing.

They'd been to another Paramount party, schmoozing with people, smiling for cameras. Neither one really enjoyed it, but it was part of the job. Besides, Zach appreciated any excuse to see Chris in a suit.

Approaching from behind, Zach ran his tongue up Chris's neck.

“Damn, you look good in a suit,” he muttered, his breath hot against Chris's ear.

Chris laughed as he loosed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Zach simply stood there, pressed against Chris as the younger man continued removing his clothes.

“So, I think Karl's catching on..” Chris was rambling, but Zach wasn't paying attention. “He wants to go for a drink tomorrow, and he asked if he should just pick us up at your place!”

Chris laughed as he unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. Hooking his fingers into the waistband of his boxer briefs, he stripped them off as well.

“I said yes,” Chris continued. “He'd have figured it out tomorrow anyway, when I'd probably end up drunkenly seducing you at the bar.”

Zach smiled to himself, remembering their first encounter at a bar.

Without saying a word, he let his towel fall to the floor. Moving in closer to Chris, he pushed his erection against the cleft of Chris's ass. Chris stopped talking and let out an awkward laugh, before turning around to face Zach.

“He gave me that wink and nod, you know the one he does,” Chris continued. “Can't get anything past that guy, I swear.”

Zach nodded, still not fully paying attention, and moved his hands to Chris's hips, attempting to turn him back around. Chris casually pulled himself away from Zach's grip. Raising his hands to Zach's chest, Chris gave him a gentle push towards the bed. Zach reached up to grab one of Chris's wrists, trying to turn him back around. Chris tensed, locking eyes with Zachary.

“Chris..” Zach said quietly. “I want to.”

Chris's eyes shifted from left to right as he attempted to divert his gaze. Zach stood silently, waiting for a response. Finally, Chris looked up at him.

“Zach, I.. I don't..” Chris fumbled awkwardly. “I mean, I haven't.. and I'm not sure..”

Zach frowned as he let go of Chris's wrist. The younger man reached out suddenly, his hands clamping on Zach's shoulders as he attempted to make light of the situation.

“Dude, I'm trying to be honest here,” Chris was talking a little too fast now, trying to smooth things over. “I mean, we both get off when I fuck you, it's not like it's bad, right?”

Clearly Chris was missing the point.

“Chris,” Zach sighed, before continuing quietly. “I don't just want it.. I need it.”

Chris didn't reply for a moment, and the two men just stared at each other.

Finally Chris spoke, “just give me a minute to clear my head.”

Picking Zach's towel up off the floor, Chris wrapped it around his own waist and headed for the living room.

Zach left Chris alone for a few minutes while he made some coffee.

When it was ready, he carried a mug over to Chris before slowly sitting down on the couch next to the younger man. Still staring at the floor, Chris took a sip.

“Dude,” he managed to choke out. “This is terrible.”

Zach let out a laugh, “Give me a break! I don't usually make my own coffee!”

He turned to face Chris, who finally raised his eyes to meet Zachary's. They smiled at each other, the tension finally broken.

Chris let out a long sigh, before speaking again. “So, obviously we need to talk about this.”

Zach nodded before replying.

“I understand if you're not into it,” he said calmly. “And I don't want to force you into anything..”

Zach waited for some sort of reaction from Chris, and felt a little frustrated when Chris said nothing.

“I know you don't usually do this kind of thing,” Zach continued. “So, look, if this is just some sort of experiment for you we should probably just end it now...”

Chris looked at him in surprise.

“Because I need more,” Zach continued.

Chris closed his eyes and slowly shook his head, “holy shit, Zach. Are you fucking blind?”

Zach looked at the younger man with confusion.

Chris sighed before continuing, “look, I wasn't joking when I suggested blow jobs and fucking. I wasn't joking when I said that we're now in a relationship. It's an odd relationship, so far, sure.. But I like odd.”

Zach raised his eyebrows at Chris.

“This isn't just an experiment for me,” Chris said, his voice rising. “If it was, I would've just fucking bolted instead of trying to talk this through.”

Finally Zach spoke again, “can I ask a question?”

Chris smirked at him, “of course you can, just don't go getting all worked up.”

“Shut up,” Zach laughed quietly. “Okay, so you've never... bottomed. Does that mean you've never been in a relationship with a guy?”

“Yes,” Chris replied. “That's what it means.”

“So, are you attracted to guys?” Zach asked, with obvious confusion.

“Clearly I'm attracted to guys, Zachary,” Chris stated with mild amusement. “Do you recall me sucking your dick and fucking you?

“Oh, har har,” Zach replied. “Of course I remember, I'm just trying to understand..”

“Look, I don't really understand it yet either,” Chris explained slowly. “I mean, I've messed around a bit, but I've always dated girls. Well, until now. Until I met you.”

Zach rolled his eyes, “Ohh, so you're 'Zachary-Sexual', right.”

Chris laughed, “Maybe I fucking am Zachary-Sexual! It's like you've got this power over me – even with your neurotic tendencies, and the way you jump to ridiculous conclusions and blow everything out of proportion.”

“Okay, okay,” Zach laughed. “I can be dramatic, I get it.”

“No, seriously,” Chris continued. “It's like we had this connection, and when I caught you in your trailer that day.. And then you admitted you were thinking about me, I just..”

Chris trailed off, his eyes moving over Zach's body. “I just wanted you.”

Chris's eyes moved up to meet Zach's, as he reached a slow realization.

“Probably the same way you want me..” Chris said slowly, finally understanding Zach's need.

They fell over each other, kissing and pushing each other along as they made their way to Zach's bedroom.

“You'll have to help me here,” Chris said hesitantly. “I don't even..”

Zach ran his mouth over Chris's, his hand splayed in the younger man's hair.

“I'll tell you what to do..” Zach panted between kisses. “I'll tell you.”

Zach reached down to unwrap the towel and let it fall from Chris's waist. He ran his tongue down Chris's neck and over his erect nipples, before falling to his knees. Despite his hesitation, Chris was already hard, and Zach wrapped his mouth around Chris's erection.

“Want you so bad,” Zach muttered as he sucked and licked at Chris's cock.

Before Chris had much time to react, Zach was on his feet again, pushing Chris towards the bed.

“On your stomach,” he said quietly.

Chris raised an eyebrow at him.

“It'll be easier,” Zach explained. “And it'll feel good, trust me.”

It was true, of course, but Zachary was also allowing himself a moment of selfishness. He wanted to see Chris's ass as he fucked him, wanted to watch him bite into the sheets.

Chris followed Zach's instructions, lying down on his stomach, while Zach grabbed lube from the bedside table.

“This might hurt at first,” Zach said quietly, pushing Chris's legs apart slightly.

Zach ran his hands over Chris's ass, massaging gently, before slowly slipping one lubed finger inside. Chris gasped at the sensation, his fists curling around the bedsheets. Zach eased his finger in and out slowly, before inserting a second finger. Chris was silent – save for the occasional gasp and grunt – as Zach prepared him. Finally, Zach ran his palm over his own cock, slicking it up in preparation.

“I'll stop if you need me too,” Zach whispered. “just let me know.”

Pressing his thighs against the back of Chris's legs, Zach pushed his cock against the entrance to Chris's hole. The younger man took a sharp breath, bracing himself, and Zach slowly eased his way in.

Chris's breath stuttered, as he stifled a groan.

“Try not to resist it,” Zach said, slowly pulling out, before sliding back in a little faster.

Zach felt Chris's muscles start to relax as he increased the pace. Chris groaned again, and raised his ass off the bed allowing for Zach's thrusting to become easier and deeper. Propping himself up with his right arm, Zach managed to force his left hand between Chris's body and the mattress. He clasped his hand around Chris's erection, and the younger man's breathing stuttered.

“Fuck.. Zach..” Chris panted, reaching his arm back to achieve some sort of contact, his fingers digging into Zachary's thigh.

As their bodies moved together, a series of groans and “fucks” poured from Chris's mouth. In reply, Zach moaned Chris's name, his teeth dragging along the younger man's shoulder.

Overwhelmed by the mixture of pleasure and pain, Chris came first, his cum spilling into the sheets. Feeling Chris's body tense, and the hot load spill over his hand, Zach quickly reached his climax. He rammed himself, hard, into Chris; and as he came he sank his teeth into Chris's shoulder, breaking the skin.

The two men were silent for several minutes, as their breathing returned to normal.

Finally Zach turned to Chris, “so?”

“It wasn't so bad,” Chris said with a smirk. “I might grow to like it.”

Zach grinned back at him, “you fucking better.”

Turning onto his back, Chris seemed to ponder this for a moment, staring up at the ceiling in silence.

“You didn't tell me you were a biter."

Zach laughed. “You never asked. Besides, I only do it when I'm fucking someone.”

“It's hot..” Chris said with a grin. “So, I think we'll need to do this again.”

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aw, there's our aggressive biter we've heard rumours about!!!!!! nice!!!!

good job lady!!!! you actually finished it :)

i like the 'awkward' convo on the couch and how there's a small jump to them stumbling towards the bedroom. it works :)

is it wrong that i keep picturing zach's eyebrows how they were at this point? when they were just about less than an inch long???? lol horrible but hilarious!!!

anyway, good job! well done!

and yes, now you are free to write more pinto, kirk/spock and sylar/luke stories :)

next step though, is you helping me finish my kirk/spock story.

I know... I mentioned the eyebrows in the bar one, but after that I decided to just skip that little detail :P

And yeah, I'm glad it's done. I was so stuck on this one...

XD I love the last line! At least I'm not the only one that thinks Biter!Zach is effing hot. ^_^ Great job!

“Probably the same way you want me..” Chris said slowly, finally understanding Zach's need.


As for the rest:




:D Glad you enjoyed it!!

Yay for their happy ending~!

D'aww I love Chris being all unsure with his virgin ass~ And the all knowing Karl Urban xD Definitely an enjoyable fic series--and VERY hot~! :DD

Sorry for the late reply! Somehow I never received a notification for this..

Thanks again! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

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