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Two ficlets
moon & stars
lallyloo wrote in pinto_zeitgeist
Two ficlets written for a music-inspired fic meme.

(song: A Crush to Pass the Time by Plushgun)

They'd discussed it a million times, how perfect they'd be for each other. But the conversations always ended in laughter, and yeah right, yeah right.

It was a running joke between them.

Except for Zach it's not just a joke. It's a stupid crush, and he constantly berates himself for it.

He hates the way Chris makes his face burn, and his stomach jump, and he hates the stupid guys Chris loves to date.

He hates how he's always the one there to pick up the pieces when things go to shit. When Chris is falling down drunk, leaning on him, ranting in his ear, crying on his shoulder.

“That's what friends are for,” Zach always says with a smile.

He never makes a move, and deep down he know he'll never have the guts to.

(song: Nancy Boy by Placebo)

“You'd look hot in eyeliner.”

Chris laughs awkwardly, watching Zach in the mirror.

“Let me try something.”

Suddenly Zach is turning to him, one hand clasping Chris's jaw, the other raising the dark pencil toward his eyes.

Chris stands motionless, Zach's breath hot on his face as he runs the liner across the top of each eye.

“Look up” Zach instructs, tilting Chris's head with his hand.

Chris follows the orders and his eyes water as Zach runs the liner across the bottom of each eye.

“I was right,” Zach says, admiring Chris with a smug grin. “Hot.”

Zach's lips ghost across Chris's for a second before he turns back to the mirror.

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I love the first one! :)

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