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Ficlet: One-Night Stand
moon & stars
lallyloo wrote in pinto_zeitgeist
Title: One-Night Stand
Rating: PG
Pairing: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Word Count: 356
Summary: A brief explanation of how Chris & Zach met. Inspired by the Artist on Artist video.
Disclaimer: They're not mine.
Author's Note: No beta. My first fic ever. Be kind.

They met at a "Declare Yourself" party.

Chris had seen Zachary Quinto on Heroes, and had recognized those dark eyebrows immediately. Zach wasn't familiar with Chris's work, but feigned interest when the younger man cut through the crowd and introduced himself with a smile. After a polite 'nice to meet you' Zach found himself drawn to the mischievous gleam in Chris's eyes. They way he gripped Zach's hand a little too long. Stood a little too close.


The rest of the evening flew by. Discussions of mutual friends. Drinks. Laughter.

As the party wound down Chris had offered to share a cab ride home, and Zach accepted without hesitation.

"I like your eyebrows." Chris had slurred after they'd climbed into the backseat of the cab. The younger man draped his leg over Zachary's and ran his finger over Zach's left eyebrow. The older man had looked at Chris with confusion, but was unable to withhold a laugh.

"You're drunk." Zach said. He'd always had a penchant for stating the obvious.

"You're correct." Chris had replied, moving his finger to Zachary's right eyebrow.

Zach had watched the younger man with an amused smirk, and put up no resistance when they arrived at Chris's apartment and he proceeded to yank Zachary out of the cab.

What followed was a blur of drunken flirting and rushed sex on Chris's couch. Then the two men laughed for what felt like hours and passed out on the floor.

Zach left early the following morning after giving Chris a wink -- unspoken thanks for an amusing but enjoyable one-night stand.


A few months would go by until they came face-to-face again -- at a screen test for Star Trek XI. The two men were surprised but pleased to see each other again. After Chris was cast, their first encounter eventually became an amusing anecdote between the two men. Something they occasionally reenacted in private, and cryptically laughed about in public.


During the press junket when Chris asks with a smirk,

"So Zach, tell me.. How did we meet?"

Zachary is unable to contain his laughter as he replies,

"Uhh.. We met at a party.. Didn't we?"

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well i happen to think it's good, lady! very cute! :)

I love this! :-)

Just thinking about them totally hot for each other the first time they laid eyes on each other... it does good things to me.... Good job, and please keep writing!

THIS is your first fic? Wow. Whatever you do, keep writing! This is great!

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